Summer Trailblazers

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This summer, WDSE WRPT celebrates the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, guaranteeing and protecting women’s constitutional right to vote in the United States. WDSE WRPT will honor and commemorate those who fought for women’s suffrage in the U.S., the feminist movement throughout the 20th century, and the stories of modern women who continue to shatter the glass ceiling and transform modern history.


The Vote

One hundred years after the passage of the 19th Amendment, The Vote tells the dramatic culmination story of the hard-fought campaign waged by American women for the right to vote, a transformative cultural and political movement that resulted in the largest expansion of voting rights in U.S. history. Exploring how and why millions of 20th century Americans mobilized for – and against – women’s suffrage, The Vote brings to life the unsung leaders of the movement and the deep controversies over gender roles and race that divided Americans then – and continue to dominate political discourse today.

You can stream this ahead of the broadcast premiere with WDSE Passport.


10 shorts woven together in a one-hour broadcast, featuring 10 “lesser-known” women trailblazers from a century or more ago who were active in various forms of civic and political engagement.

Women’s Work

Celebrate women, trailblazers, in this all-new summer 2020 special episode! Spotlighting outstanding contributions from female athletes, artists, activists, and more along with the stories of those who made an indelible mark on the world around us, appraisals will highlight the well-known to the unsung, through their interesting, thought-provoking objects and accomplishments.

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Mae West: Dirty Blonde

Over a career spanning eight decades, Mae West mastered a dizzying variety of entertainment. She served as a human indicator of shifting cultural mores. West possessed creative and economic powers unheard of for a female entertainer in the 1930’s. Though she was a comedian, West grappled with some of the more complex social issues of the 20th century, including race & class tensions, and imbued even her most salacious plotlines with commentary about gender conformity, codes of morality and what she perceived as moral hypocrisy.

Prehistoric Road Trip

Emily Graslie, Chicago Field Museums Chief Curiosity Officer, takes viewers on a journey driving through the open roads of the Dakotas, Montana, Wyoming, and Nebraska to discover what the landscape resembled millions, even billions of years ago. On this journey, Graslie stops by some of the most active fossil sites in the world to shed light on mysterious and unusual creatures: from trilobites to dinosaurs, and the numerous species of fauna that thrived in their wake.

Ann – The Anne Richards Play

ANN is a no-holds-barred portrait of Ann Richards, the legendary governor of Texas from 1990-94. This inspiring and at times hilarious theatrical biography brings us face to face with a complex, colorful, and captivating character bigger than the state from which she hailed.

Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am

An artful and intimate meditation on the life and works of legendary storyteller and Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison. From her childhood in Lorain, OH, to 1970s book tours with Muhammad Ali, from the front lines with Angela Davis to her own riverfront writing room, Morrison leads an assembly of her peers, critics, and colleagues on an exploration of race, America, history and the human condition as seen through the prism of her own literature.

Gloria: A Life

A richly detailed tapestry about one of the most inspiring and remarkable women of our time, Gloria Steinem. Five decades after she began raising her voice for women’s equality and championing the equality rights of others, her vision and call to action is as urgent as ever. Her life’s work and philosophy on the necessity of conversation as a catalyst for change offers a path forward in a way that only live theater can fulfill.

Firing Line With Margaret Hoover Special

Margaret Hoover hits the campaign trail with conservative women who are changing the face of the Republican Party. Hoover documents what motivated these women to run for office and the challenges they face as they participate in American democracy.