Special Shows to Explore!

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Announcing the Partner Station Showcase!

Tuesday nights starting at 6pm

WDSE•WRPT has compiled a great new lineup of our favorite shows from our PBS sister stations from across the country. Travel to a new place, learn a new tradition or try a new recipe during the Partner Station Showcase.

This month, we’re showcasing great local shows from PBS Wisconsin and Milwaukee PBS: Here and Now, Outdoor Wisconsin, Around the Farm Tale, Wisconsin Foodie and Wisconsin Hometown Stories.

Great Weekday Lineup

Weekdays Noon – 4pm

We have curated a special line up of your favorite local and national shows. Every weekday afternoon, watch a great mix of local favorites and the best from the British!


  • 12pm Doctors on Call
  • 12:30pm Great Gardening
  • 1:00pm Call the Midwife
  • 2:00pm Rotating - see below*
  • 3:00pm Great British Baking Show

Weekdays at 2pm

  • Monday Nature
  • Tuesday Independent Lens
  • Wednesday Frontline
  • Thursday Favorite WDSE•WRPT Local Documentary
  • Friday Nova