Saturday Night British Dramas

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Whether you’re looking for something on the lighter side, thrilling mysteries, compelling dramas, or moving true stories, look no further than PBS North!

Mister Winner – 7pm

Leslie Winner is one of the good guys, but he’s forever finding himself in self-inflicted trouble. Despite his calamitous nature, he’s found someone who’ll put up with him – his fiancée Jemma. They’re getting ready for their wedding, and if Leslie is going to pay for the honeymoon, he needs to find a job, and somehow manage not to get the sack (aka get fired). This loveable klutz is never far from a fresh disaster. Decorating a house, badly, with a paint gun. Wearing slippers to a high-pressure interview. Getting paid to ‘play’ a self-playing piano in a restaurant. Can Leslie stay out of trouble long enough to walk up the aisle with Jemma?

Available to stream after the broadcast on the PBS Video App.

W1A – 7:30pm

As Ian Fletcher (Hugh Bonneville from Downton Abbey) begins his new job as the British Broadcasting Company’s Head of Values, he encounters a problem. Despite the job having been sold to him as a chance to influence and shape one of the Great British institutions, he soon realizes that not only does he not have time to think Big Thoughts, he never has any time to think any thoughts at all. To make matters worse, Ian soon discovers that the board has also decided to hire PR company Perfect Curve’s Siobhan Sharpe as the Ginger Rogers to his Fred Astaire. Massaging reporters’ egos, deftly handling a BBC “Anti-Cornish Bias” scandal and breaking through mindless creative meetings are all in a day’s work for Ian and the team in this sharply observed comedy, filmed at the BBC’s real offices in Central London.

Available to stream after the broadcast on the PBS Video App.

Traces – 8pm

Emma Hedges' return to Dundee to start a new job brings her mother's unsolved murder into sharp focus as she fights to bring the killer to justice. However, before she makes the journey back to Dundee, a fatal fire in a nightclub proves an ominous omen.

Available to stream after the broadcast on the PBS Video App.

Midsomer Murders - 9pm

Based on the popular novels of Caroline Graham, MIDSOMER MURDERS features gruesome, albeit inventive, goings-on in the picturesque county of Midsomer. Neil Dudgeon stars as DCI John Barnaby, with Jason Hughes as DS Benjamin Jones. In the season premiere, Barnaby and Jones investigate as a local DJ is crushed to death at a traditional girls’ boarding school, and they discover that murder and deception are never far away from the quaint villages of Midsomer.