The PBS Kids Channel is Joining the Neighborhood!

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The PBS Kids Channel is LIVE!

The PBS Kids Channel is the fifth channel to join the WDSE•WRPT family of PBS North, Explore, Create and MN Channel.

The PBS Kids Channel is the first channel of its kind in WDSE•WRPT’s service area, offering free access to on-going educational programming to every home across northern Minnesota, Wisconsin and the western end of Upper Michigan every day from 6:30am – 1am!

The channel is available on 8.5 (Duluth) and 31.5 (Hibbing). Channel numbers may vary based on cable providers.

In addition to over the air, the channel can also be streamed 24/7 through the free PBS Kids app and at PBS North will continue to offer PBS Kids programming every weekday from 7am-6pm as well.

The channel should have automatically showed up for most viewers on January 31. If it does not appear, please see the FAQ below for some potential solutions.

Join your favorite characters, like Elmo, Daniel Tiger, and Cat in the Hat on the PBS Kids Channel!


Q: Yay! What kind of shows are on the PBS Kids Channel?
A: All your favorite PBS Kids shows! We’ll have classics, like Sesame Street, Arthur and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, as well as newer shows like Molly of Denali, Splash and Bubbles, and Xavier and the Secret Museum. Viewers will also be able to discover some new favorites, such as Sid the Science Kid, Caillou and Super Why!.

Q: Is the PBS Kids Channel on all day long?
A: The PBS Kids Channel broadcasts from 6:30am – 1am every day, like our other channels. Certain cable subscribers may receive a 24/7 channel.

Q: Is your programming schedule the same on both PBS North and the PBS Kids Channel when PBS North is airing kids programming?
A: No, there is a different schedule for each channel – which means more PBS Kids programming options every weekday and weekend mornings!

Q: What about PBS Kids programming in the evening on the Explore channel?
A: Because PBS Kids programming is now accessible all evening through the new PBS Kids Channel, WDSE•WRPT has replaced the PBS Kids programming on the Explore channel from 6:00pm-9:00pm on weeknights with other exciting content from PBS or our other partners.

Q: I LOVE your other four channels! Did you replace any of them?
A: No. We added the PBS Kids Channel to the other four channels that we already offer.
Most people will continue to receive all four channels, plus the PBS Kids Channel, after January 31. However, certain TVs may need to be unplugged and re-plugged in to find the new fifth channel. If that doesn’t work, rescan your channels to find all five. If you have a cable provider, your channels may be reshuffled due to this update.

Q: I can’t find your new channel!
A: This could be due to a few possibilities. If you have an antenna, please try unplugging and re-plugging in your TV. If that doesn’t work, rescan your channels to see if you can pick it up. If you are a cable subscriber, reach out to your cable provider for more information. Unfortunately, DISH and DirecTV subscribers are unable to receive this new channel, but anyone can stream the 24/7 version of the channel for free through the PBS Kids app and at

We also have additional troubleshooting options on our 5 Channels FAQ page.

Q: Should I just rescan my channels instead of unplugging my TV?
A: No. We recommend unplugging and replugging in your TV first. Simply resetting your TV this way may be all that is necessary for you to get the channel. If that doesn’t work, then rescan.

Q: You have a total of 5 channels?!? I only get PBS North!
A: Certain providers only carry our main channel, PBS North. If you are a cable subscriber, you may be able to contact your provider to receive our other channels. DISH and DirecTV do not carry channels other than PBS North.

Q: I checked and I only will receive the PBS North channel. Do you still have PBS Kids on during the day?
A: Yes! PBS North airs PBS Kids programming as usual: Weekdays from 7am – 6pm and weekends from 7:30am-9am (9:30am Saturdays).

Q: Why can’t I find Explore or Create?
A: As a part of this exciting addition of the PBS Kids Channel, WDSE•WRPT has also upgraded the Explore and Create channels from SD to HD! However, there may be select cable packages that do not include these HD channels. Contact your cable provider for more information.

Additional Questions?
Please check our 5 Channels FAQ page. You can also call (888) 563-9373 M-F during normal business hours and ask for our engineering department or email kidschannel [at] wdse [dot] org.