Lost Iron Range

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WDSE•WRPT's newest historical documentary premieres this March. In many ways, the story of the Iron Range of northern Minnesota is the story of America. A melting pot of cultures, once home to a vast white pine forest, the Iron Range is best known today as the iron mining capitol of the United States.

Lost Iron Range

March 11 at 8:30pm on PBS North
March 12 at 7pm on 2nd Chance
March 15 at 7:30 on 2nd Chance
March 16 at 6:30pm on 2nd Chance

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“Lost Iron Range,” tells the story of the people and the places that have faded from memory. It’s the place that helped build a nation, and win two world wars. Join us to learn about entire towns that were moved so the ore beneath their streets could be mined, and of a giant sawmill that set all-time records for board feet of lumber milled. Discover one of the nation’s first interurban street car lines that connected Iron Range towns and locations. And marvel at the pioneers who helped build America with the resources found above and below the ground in northern Minnesota.

Clip from the documentary - Hibbing Racing:

When motor cars were still a novelty, folks in Hibbing were already planning to make their town a racing mecca. In this clip from Lost Iron Range, we learn more about Hibbing's racing history.