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Lawyers on the Line Premieres March 28

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Workers’ compensation; the title says it all. If you are injured, you may need medical treatment. If you are terminated, you may need wage replacement. Where does a person begin to find compensation? Tune in for this week’s special 1-hour season premiere of Lawyers on the Line.

Lawyers on the Line

“Workers’ Compensation”
Thursday, March 28 at 7pm on PBS North

Join attorney and moderator, Jim Peterson for a second season premiere of Lawyers on the Line! Call or email your questions on “Workers’ Compensation” to the WDSE•WRPT studio during the show, and attorneys Kathy Bray, of Lynn, Scharfenberg & Associates, Minneapolis; and Eric Beyer and Sean Quinn, both of Falsani, Balmer, Peterson, Quinn, & Beyer law firm, share their expertise and advice.

Fred Friedman, Chief Public Defender for the Sixth Judicial District, revisits and shares information on the 50th anniversary of the Gideon v. Wainwright decision, the right to representation.

Presented by the Duluth law firm Falsani, Balmer, Peterson, Quinn & Beyer, Lawyers on the Line is designed to help local residents understand the various types of legal issues affecting those who may need help.

Please join us for information and advice on “Social Security,” next week on Lawyers on the Line.

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