June Highlights on WDSE WRPT!

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Local Spotlight

Great Gardening - Summer Warm Up

Great Gardening welcomes you to the planting season! Join us for our Summer Warm-Up and learn growing tips and tricks you’ll use all season long.

PBS North: Sunday, June 13 at Noon 

Create: Saturday, June 12 at 4PM; Sunday, June 13 at 2:30PM.

Northern Rhythms

From a solo violinist at Duluth’s Enger Tower to a jazz guitar player near Grand Marais, explore the beauty and character of Northern Minnesota as a diverse assembly of musicians share their artistry. 

PBS North: June 12 at 1PM

Music of Note

Country Pop Legends

- PBS North: June 12 at 5PM

Great Performances Andrea Bocelli: Believe

PBS North: June 11 at 9PM. Explore: June 12 at 5:30PM

PBS Classics

Ken Burns: Baseball

Celebrate the epic series which examines nearly 200 years of American history through the prism of our national pastime, featuring new and exclusive interviews with Burns and the filmmaking team.

PBS North: June 13 at 4PM; June 14 at 7PM. Explore: June 14 at 10PM.

 Agatha and the Truth of Murder

This British alternative history drama explores how crime writer Agatha Christie became embroiled in a real-life murder case while investigating the murder of Florence Nightingale's goddaughter.

PBS North: June 13 at 7PM. Explore: June 13 at 11PM.

Travel the World

Rick Steves: Europe Awaits

Dreaming of that next trip? Join Rick Steves as he shares vivid and unforgettable visits to European favorites that you’ll want to explore when we can all travel once again.

Explore: June, 13 at 7PM.

Rick Steves: The Alps

Savor the jaw-dropping alpine beauty and the rich and resilient culture of its people as Rick Steves explores the Austrian, Italian, Swiss and French Alps.

PBS North: June 12 at 3PM. Create: and June 13 at 5PM.

Mind, Body and Spirit

WDSE Cooks: S is for Salad

Tune in for some fresh inspiration as Northland cooks share their summer salad ideas featuring asparagus, bread, tomatoes, rhubarb, blueberries, candy bars, pasta, seafood, and yes, even lettuce! 

Create: June 12 at 8AM.

Eat Your Medicine: The Pegan Diet

Dr. Mark Hyman shares how unhealthy, ultra-processed foods have created an epidemic of chronic diseases and how returning to real, whole food can treat, prevent, and reverse these diseases.

PBS North: June 13 at 1PM. Explore: June 12 at 8AM.

Build a Better Memory Through Science

Explore the research surrounding memory and what steps can improve it, with workable strategies and lifestyle suggestions that make improving memory fun and rewarding.

Explore: June 13 at 11AM.