Join our “Be My Neighbor” Video Celebration!

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Be Our Northland Neighbor!

Be My Neighbor – Kids Choir

Won’t You Be Our Neighbor? Neighborhood Edition

Be Our Neighbor and Join the Chorus!
Let's remain socially close though we're all physically distant. As the local public television station, WDSE•WRPT values our community and each member of our collective neighborhoods! While people struggle in isolation, we want to provide an opportunity to connect our neighborhood through music.

We ask that you join us in a community chorus – singing or playing an instrument and video record yourself performing "Won't You Be My Neighbor" from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. If you have a cardigan or shnazzy Keds you’d like to wear, go for it! Feel free to go solo or create something with others in your household!

Join the party and upload your video to YouTube, Facebook and/or Instagram, supply us with the link on YouTube and we'll add you to our playlist! Tag WDSE WRPT on Facebook and/or Instagram. #NorthlandNeighborhood

We MAY wish to make another mashup in the future. If you’d like your video to be considered, please perform in the same key and tempo as Fred Rogers does in this clip by listening along via headphones/earbuds while performing. Then, fill out this form it's done. Also, IF FILMING ON A SMARTPHONE, PLEASE HOLD THE PHONE HORIZONTALLY.

We hope you’ll join the chorus!

Thank You, Neighbors!

Be Our Northland Neighbor!
Irving Steinberg; Jessica Leibfried; Charlie Leibfried; Jean Leibfried; Samuel Miltich; Alexander Sandor; Jillian Rae; John Staine; lyz Jaakola; Bret Amundson; and Gaelynn Lea Tressler. Edited by Dawn Mikkelson, WDSE•WRPT Broadcast Content Manager; Sound mixing by Jake Larson.

Be My Neighbor – Kids Choir
Alexander Sandor, DSSO; College of St. Scholastica; Lake Superior Youth Chorus; Bret Amundson; Cristine, Caleb, Cohen, Liam, Jade & Leif Fisher; BreAnn Graber; Reagan and Paisley Kern; Preston Latour; Amelia Linde; Adelle Mamedova; Ben and Violet Marcusen; Jenna Meyer; Reagan Paszak; Martin Pfeil; Richard & Jennifer Robbins; Abrianna Schmidt. Edited by Tomas Soderberg, WDSE•WRPT Editor; Sound mixing by Jake Larson.

Won’t You Be Our Neighbor? Neighborhood Edition
Jeremy & Krista Gardner; Christopher David Hanson; Kimberly Hedegaard; Kevin Kling; Laura Sellner; Breanne Tepler; Gudrun Witrak. Edited by Dawn Mikkelson, WDSE•WRPT Broadcast Content Manager; Sound mixing by Jake Larson.