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Great Gardening: Special Edition

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Find out "What's the Buzz?" on this week's special 1-hour edition of Great Gardening featuring Bees & Pollinators. Spring has finally sprung with summer close behind. There are only a couple chances left to ask your garden questions. Get ready for a great growing season!

Great Gardening

Thursdays at 7pm on PBS North

June 5

What's the Buzz? - Bees and Pollinators
They are the insects and animals that we literally could not live without. Bees and other pollinators are essential to our food supply. For gardeners, they ensure that flowers bloom; and fruits and vegetables produce a good harvest. But populations of honeybees are in serious decline. We’ll look at why, visit local hives, and talk with beekeepers. We’ll also tour a vast and wandering landscape in Superior, created by a skilled designer.

June 12

Our Favorite Fruit - All About Apples
It’s the faithful fruit that even doctors say will keep us fit. We’ll talk about the best apples to grow in these parts, and show you how to keep the fruit and trees safe from pests. And we’ll take you to a public orchard in the middle of the city that bolsters community fellowship and pride.

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