Great Gardening

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Our Homegrown experts Bob Olen and Tom Kasper have the information you need for a successful Northland garden. Learn about this year's trends in plants, predictions on weather and growing conditions, and specialized advice for our unique region.

Starting April 5 on Thursday nights at 7pm on PBS North
Repeats 5:30pm on Saturdays on PBS North

April 5, 7pm - A Restaurant Garden

See how the gardens are grown for a popular restaurant that has customers tasting the fresh produce at their table, sometimes within minutes of its harvest.

Care for those bulbs you’ve been storing all winter. And questions to all your regional garden issues from our experts!

April 12, 7pm - Straw Bale Review

One Duluth area gardener has given the straw bale garden idea a try for a few seasons and shares his successes and suggestions. And the pros in the know, Bob and Tom provide great gardening advice for challenges specific to our region.

April 19, 7pm - Shrubbery

A fresh look at the tried and true shrubs we’ve been nurturing in the Northland for generations with some updated recommendations and varieties to consider.

Plus a tour of a glorious landscape designed with love and dedication.

April 26, 7pm - College Level Gardening

College students in Northwest Wisconsin grow a lush and large vegetable patch that feeds the mind. The plot is used to help teach students ecology and sustainable practices.

And our own local educators are on hand to personally tackle your garden needs.