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Gangster Night: Al Capone / Jimmy Hoffa

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July 22nd is “Gangster Night” on PBS. At 7pm, Al Capone: Icon profiles the celebrity gangster and at 8pm a new History Detectives Special Investigations seeks to uncover Jimmy Hoffa’s killer.

Al Capone: Icon

Tuesday, July 22 at 7pm on PBS North

From his early days rising through the ranks of New York’s gangs, to his slow demise in the aftermath of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, Al Capone: Icon chronicles the complicated life of one of America’s favorite mob bosses. The special exposes Capone not only as a bootlegger, killer and gangster, but as the popular public figure who opened one of the nation’s first soup kitchens, fought for expiration dates on milk and wrote love songs to his wife from prison.

History Detectives Special Investigations: “Who Killed Jimmy Hoffa?”

Tuesday, July 22 at 8pm on PBS North

Hosted by veteran detectives Tukufu Zuberi and Wes Cowan and new host Kaiama Glover, the reformatted 11th season of History Detectives explores controversial Teamsters president Hoffa’s final days and the multiple theories as to why he was killed and just who pulled the trigger. While others have concentrated on locating Hoffa’s body, the History Detectives are after the answer to the more important question: Who Killed Jimmy Hoffa?”