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Food, Glorious Food!

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Hungry for some great food ideas for August hot weather? Check out our local cooks and recipes with WDSE Cooks! “S” is for Salads! And if you’re entertaining, you’ll also love “D” is for Dessert! Now for the main entrée! How about America’s Home Cooking “One Skillet” meals including “no fuss” soups, stews, and cheese casseroles! Bon Appétit!

Out with the Bars and In with “D” is for Dessert!

Saturday, August 11 at 12:30pm on WDSE•WRPT
PBS North 8.1│31.1 and Create 8.3│31.3!

Good news and bad news, folks. Bad news is there will be no “B” is for Bars in August. The bars have all been eaten or stashed somewhere in the WDSE•WRPT station. The good news is… WDSE Cooks is offering up a sinfully delicious “D” is for Dessert!

Hungry for a taste of Turtle Sundae Waffles, Peppermint Dazzler, Aunt Ellen’s Upside Down Cake, or Pumpkin Cheesecake? That’s just a sample of 19 tantalizing, meal-ending delights on “D” is for Dessert! And yes, there will be a wonderful recipe for Almond Bars!

“D” is for Dessert will be repeated Saturday, August 18 at 1pm on Create and Sunday, August 19 at 11:30am on PBS North.

Cool Down with WDSE Cooks “S” is for Salad!

Sunday, August 12 at 12:30pm on WDSE•WRPT
PBS North 8.1│31.1 and Create 8.3│31.3!

Looking for some cool, hot weather salads? WDSE Cooks has the cure for that! Tune in for “S” is for Salad Sunday, August 12 at 12:30pm on WDSE•WRPT's PBS North 8.1│31.1 and Create 8.3│31.3!

Northland cooks prepare 18 mouthwatering salads with ingredients that include asparagus, bread, tomatoes, rhubarb, blueberries, cookies, candy bars, pasta, seafood and yes, even lettuce!

“S” is for Salad will be repeated Saturday, August 18 at 1pm on PBS North; Sunday, August 19 at 11:30am and Monday, August 20 at 6:30pm on Create.

America's Home Cooking: One Skillet

Saturday, August 11 & August 14 at 7pm on Create

Chris Fennimore and Nancy Polinsky prepare easy, delicious and satisfying one-skillet meals with talented home cooks. “One Skillet” features a collection of cherished family recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Whether slow-simmered or quickly sautéed, these hearty soups, stews and cheesy casseroles move from the stove to the table in one pan. The "no-fuss" recipes include Steak Pizzaiola, Skillet Reubens, Spaghetti with Clams and Apple Skillet Cobbler. Bon Appétit!