Fall for Drama

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This fall Saturday and Sunday night will keep you on the edge of your couches as we bring you a specially-curated line up of popular shows from around the world on Saturdays, as well as new series from Masterpiece on Sundays. Mark your calendars for weekend evenings on PBS North!

Saturday Night Dramas

800 Words

Season 2

Saturdays at 7pm

Recently widowed Sydney newspaper columnist George Turner sets out to make a fresh start with his teenage children by moving to the tiny New Zealand town where he vacationed as a child. Though they’ve become more accepted by the locals, in Season 2 there are still plenty of problems for George to face, including finding a real job and, potentially, new love.

Doc Martin

Season 8

Saturdays at 8pm

Dr. Martin Ellingham and his wife, Louisa, are finally living together again with their son, James Henry, but their problems are far from over. With Louisa's encouragement, James Henry has grown attached to Buddy the dog, but Martin is disgusted by the four-legged friend. In need of a new nanny, Louisa finds herself juggling too many responsibilities and considers switching careers, causing a rift with Martin. Meanwhile, Portwenn is abuzz as the residents prepare for a wedding. The Larges hope to profit from the festivities, but when Martin's Aunt Ruth considers selling the family farm, her decision causes trouble for their business endeavors. As some relationships bloom and others falter, can Martin cope with all the changes — or will he risk the fragile accord he's forged with his family?

Doctor Blake Mysteries

Season 4 Continues with Season 5 Premiering October 17

Saturdays at 9pm

Everyone’s favorite Australian doctor investigates homicides.

Frankie Drake Mysteries

Season 2

Premieres Saturday, October 17 at 9pm

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In 1920s Toronto, the city's only female private detectives defy expectations and rebel against conventions to crack the cases the police don't want to touch.

Sunday Nights on Masterpiece

Last Tango in Hallifax

Season 4

Premieres September 20 at 7pm

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This series returns, reuniting its ensemble of Anne Reid, Derek Jacobi, Nicola Walker, and Sarah Lancashire. Alan and Celia have now been married for seven years. The childhood sweethearts -- who reunited and remarried in their 70s -- have moved into a lovely new home. But Alan and Celia are discovering that wedded bliss isn't always blissful. Clashing politics, Alan's new job, and a wild local lad create tension. Meanwhile, Caroline gets emotionally embroiled at work, and Alan's brother Ted jets in for a visit (and he hasn't come alone).

Flesh and Blood

Premieres October 4 at 8pm

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Lust, greed, wrath, envy, and pride are just some of the deadly sins that plague a seemingly happy family in a mystery-thriller.


Premieres October 4 at 9pm

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COBRA is a political drama set in the heart of British government during a crisis that threatens to engulf the entire nation. In times of national emergency, a team comprised of Britain’s leading experts, crisis contingency planners and the most senior politicians assemble under the name “COBRA” (Cabinet Office Briefing Room A) with the aim to coordinate the government response. Robert Carlyle stars as Prime Minister Robert Sutherland.

The Trouble with Maggie Cole

Premieres October 18 at 7pm

Created and written by Mark Brotherhood and starring Dawn French, this new comedy-drama delves into what happens when idle gossip escalates out of control and starts to affect people’s lives. Set in a picturesque fishing village, the series centers on Maggie Cole, the self- appointed oracle of this close-knit community. Maggie makes it her business to know a little bit about everyone’s lives. She certainly doesn’t pay attention to the cautionary adage that “those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”