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Wednesday, November 20 is Space Night on PBS! First, Nova takes you to “The Edge of Space” and explores "Asteroid: Doomsday or Payday?" then Space Night ends with a Cosmic Encounter.

Space Night

Wednesday, November 20, 7-10pm on PBS North

7pm - Nova "At The Edge of Space"

NOVA takes viewers on an exploration of the earth-space boundary zone, home to some of nature's most puzzling and alluring phenomena: the shimmering aurora, streaking meteors, and fleeting flashes that shoot upwards from thunderclouds, known as sprites.

8pm - Nova “Asteroid: Doomsday or Payday?”

Now, entrepreneurs look up at asteroids and see payday, loaded with billions of dollars-worth of elements. While NASA plans an ambitious mission to return samples from a potentially hazardous asteroid, will asteroids turn out to be our economic salvation -- or instruments of extinction?

9pm - Comic Encounter

This year a particularly massive chunk of ice and rock is hurtling our way, an object that will fascinate billions and should create the space show of
the century.