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Exploration Wednesdays

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Nature, NOVA and NOVA scienceNOW join forces to explore science, nature and life's big question in all-new seasons starting Wednesday, October 10.


Wednesdays at 7pm on PBS North

This fall, Peabody and Emmy Award-winning Nature presents 13 new hours of programming featuring the wonders and fragility of our natural world.

October 10: Siberian Tiger Quest

Embark with conservation ecologist Chris Morgan on a great challenge: to find and film the Siberian tiger.

October 24: Magic of the Snowy Owl

Take an intimate look at the snowy owl, a bird made popular by Harry Potter’s faithful companion, Hedwig.

November 7: Animal Odd Couples

Investigate unlikely cross-species relationships and learn what they suggest about animal emotions.

November 14: An Original DUCKumentary

See how much you don’t know about ducks — familiar, yet phenomenal, creatures.

Nature Season 31 Preview


Wednesdays at 8pm on PBS North

Now in its 39th season, NOVA brings viewers stories of intriguing mysteries from this planet and beyond. Preview the all-new episodes that are debuting this fall.

October 10: Secrets of the Viking Sword

Learn how Viking sword makers designed and built the Ulfberht sword, and uncover its role in history.

October 17: Forensics on Trial

Learn how modern forensics can send innocent men and women to prison — and sometimes even to death row.

November 7: Mystery of Easter Island

See a fresh investigation of Easter Island, a remote speck that has mystified the world for centuries.

November 14: Ultimate Mars Challenge

Experience exhilarating moments with the team of scientists and engineers responsible for the new Mars rover.

November 21: Ancient Computer

Follow the ingenious sleuthing that decoded a 2,000-year-old Greek computer.

Preview the NOVA Premiere:

NOVA science NOW

Wednesdays at 9pm on PBS North

Renowned tech reporter David Pogue of The New York Times debuts as host of six new fast-paced and fun episodes of this science magazine series, bringing enthusiasm and knowledge to the most intriguing stories and breakthroughs of our time.

October 10: What Makes Us Human?

Explore the evolutionary roots of language, tool-making, even laughter.

October 17: Can Science Stop Crime?

Learn some of the secrets of crime prevention.

October 24: How Smart Can We Get?

Find out if it’s possible to stretch the boundaries of the human mind.

October 31: Can I Eat That?

Uncover the complicated truth behind our sense of taste.

November 7: What Are Animals Thinking?

Join David Pogue as he meets animals that challenge notions of what makes “us” different from “them.”

NOVA Science NOW Season 6 Preview: