Earth's Natural Wonders: Life at Extremes

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Earth’s natural wonders are parts of the natural world that nature has carved on such a scale, that they are beyond belief. Vast mountain ranges, impenetrable rainforests and dazzling tropical islands - places where nature is visible at its most primal, most powerful and most extraordinarily beautiful. For human beings, survival within these wonders can pose extraordinary challenges.

3-Part Series Premieres Wednesday, July 11, 2018 on PBS North

July Schedule:

  • Extremes - July 11
  • Animals - July 18
  • Against the Odds - July 25

In even the most extreme and remote parts of our planet people do survive. Somehow, human beings have found a way to exist alongside Mother Nature’s most breath-taking creations. What makes these natural wonders so extreme? What are the challenges to human survival within them? And what helps and what hinders us in that struggle?

In this series, we’ll discover how humble homo sapiens have come up with ingenious strategies for survival in these far-flung and astonishing places. We’ll learn how survival techniques are now being forced to evolve quickly in the face of change. And we’ll find out how human resilience, ingenuity and bravery overcome the most extraordinary odds in the great struggle for life.