Coronavirus: An Almanac Special

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“Coronavirus: An Almanac Special” is a new program from Twin Cities PBS focused solely on the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. The 30-minute show will be broadcast live Fridays 8 p.m. on the Minnesota Channel. Hosted by Twin Cities PBS’s David Gillette, the program will also stream live on and on TPT’s Facebook page. 

The COVID-19 virus and the illness that it causes is dominating headlines around the world. Local and national health experts have already warned it is likely not a matter of if – but when – the virus will appear in communities across the country, and possibly in areas in Minnesota. Many residents are understandably concerned.  To help, “Coronavirus: An Almanac Special” will provide trusted, useful information with the goal of not overstating nor minimizing the situation. Instead, this program will focus on sharing important, factual information to help people who have questions about the virus and its potential spread. Gillette will interview trusted medical experts from local health organizations and policy and health officials from the State of Minnesota. The program will answer questions submitted directly from users to help everyone prepare and protect themselves and the people around them. 

As this story is developing, the current plans are to offer this new program on a weekly basis at 8 p.m. on Friday nights on the Minnesota Channel and other online spaces. Plans are subject to change based on how the story progresses and on community feedback.

Where to Watch

Fridays at 8pm

Minnesota Channel (8.4/31.4)

Facebook Live Stream Live Stream

Past episodes can be found on Twin Cities PBS’s webpage.

Updated 3/4/2020