Resources for Parents and Teachers

WDSE WRPT is proud to share quality, trusted PBS KIDS resources for kids, parents, caregivers, and educators.

For resources in relation to COVID-19 and learning at home visit PBS KIDS Resources or At Home Learning for grades 6-12.

The Ultimate Teacher Resource Guide - No matter what subject you teach – English, math, science, history or something else – this guide is home to resources that will make your difficult job a little bit easier.

Wisconsin Media Lab - Wisconsin Media Lab curates cost-free K-12 multimedia educational content for Wisconsin residents.

LD Online - The leading website on learning disabilities for parents, teachers, and other professionals.

NewsHour EXTRA - A NewsHour with Jim Lehrer special for students

NewsHour Extra for Teachers - A companion to the NewsHour with lesson plans and ideas for teachers.

PBS LearningMedia Tutorials - How to make the most of PBS LearningMedia. - Fun, interactive activities for children plus many PBS educational program websites. - Topics and resources related to child development and PBS educational series.

PBS Learning Media - Portal to a myriad of PBS educational resources for teachers. The site contains lessons, activities and other subject related content.

Teachers' Domain - Featuring public television content, Teachers' Domain provides multimedia class-room resources and professional development courses to K-12 educators.

FRONTLINE: World Educators - The award-winning television series is complemented by an extensive Web site, which was awarded a 2002 Online Journalism Award for General Excellence by the Online News Association and Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. FRONTLINE/World's Web site publishes original reporting, interviews, reporter diaries, and interactive features. Visitors can also watch all our broadcast stories on our Web site. FRONTLINE: Ties to Literature – This Web site offers topical insights and extends student knowledge by relating famous literature to current events.  Topics include “The Cold War and Beyond,” “Conflict, Tyranny and Renewal,” “Environment,” U.S. Influence Abroad,” “Poverty,” “Role of Media,” “Role of Women.” Books used as resources for these lesson plan ideas and insights include 1984, Animal Farm, Brave New World, The Crucible, Fahrenheit 451, On the Beach,  One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, Red Scarf Girl:  A Memoir of the Cultural Revolution, The Russia Hand, Bury My heart at Wounded Knee, Habibi, In the Time of Butterflies, and many more.

NOW: Classroom - Benefits for teachers using the NOW in the classroom website for current events and social studies include: NOW reports, normally shorter than 30 minutes, which are perfect size for classroom use, NOW's extensive database which includes hundreds of programs, covering a wide range of curricular topics.  NOW's award-winning content is meticulously fact-checked and trustworthy *NOW has cleared all rights for its reports to be shown in school.

Race: The Power of An Illusion-For Teachers - The Web site for this PBS series, presents some tools to help educators explore the significance of race through multiple disciplines. Lesson plans draw from the PBS series, the Web site and carefully selected resources.  Be sure to check out the “Teaching Tips” included in the “Go Deeper” sections of each featured activity.

NOVA: Science Now for Educators - Lesson plan activities, links, and short video clips from recent NOVA: Science Now programs.