Education at WDSE

Join Us in the Nation's Largest Classroom!

Education is at the core of how WDSE•WRPT serves our community. We believe in the power of compelling stories to fuel lifelong learning. From early childhood, to middle and high school, to higher education, to adults always looking to learn something new, WDSE•WRPT provides the shows, programs and resources to facilitate learning at every age.

As a PBS Partner Station, WDSE•WRPT is proud to be a part of the Nation’s Largest Classroom, providing free and accessible learning resources for every age through our on air broadcast, live and on demand streaming services, and countless online learning tools, including everything from lesson plans for teachers, activity ideas for parents, and educational game apps for kids. Find these, and many more, resources below!


Look to PBS KIDS for reliable, educational programming for your youngster. Our programs serve all children, but are optimized for kids 3-8 years old. Watch PBS KIDS every weekday on PBS North from 7am - 6pm, or ALL DAY every day on the PBS KIDS Channel!

Find resources to compliment PBS KIDS episodes, as well as online games and fun activities, at

PBS KIDS Parents

Did you know that you can find countless ideas for games and activities for your PBS KIDS fan on PBS KIDS for Parents' website? Sort by category, age, or the favorite show in your household to find the right activity for you and your family! Also, you can sign up for their newsletter and receive regular ideas straight to your inbox!

PBS Learning Media and At Home Learning

For youth in grades 6-12, find a specially-curated line up of educational programming from PBS and other trusted national partners every weekday from 10:30am-3:30pm on the Explore channel starting Monday, April 5 with At Home Learning .

PLUS every show has corresponding learning materials. Find the schedule for the next couple of weeks and links to the educational materials on our At Home Learning page.

Locally Produced Program Resources

WDSE•WRPT has created lesson plans to accompany many of its locally made shows and documentaries! See the list below for links to shows, full documentaries, and their free lesson plans - all FREE to stream ANY TIME!

Higher Education

WDSE•WRPT offers paid production and communication internships most semesters to provide hands-on educational opportunities for the next generation of professionals in the media industry. Follow our social channels or email newsletters for internship postings.

Content Creation
In partnership with local universities and colleges, WDSE•WRPT has worked with professors to incorporate content creation into higher education curriculum. Students gain hands-on experience in visual storytelling and the satisfaction of seeing their videos shared on air and online. An example of this program are the Slices created by University of Minnesota students in the fall of 2020.

Lifelong Learners

PBS Video App
There’s always something new to learn across WDSE•WRPT’s five channels. But did you know that you can now watch your favorite history, science and nature shows on-demand? Stream PBS shows from the past couple of weeks for free on or on your TV through the PBS Video App!

External Resources

Finally, our Education Resources page provides links to outstanding free lesson plans, activities for children, as well as resources for parents and teachers on special education and other topics.