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632 Niagara Court
Duluth, MN 55811-3098

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Phone: (218) 788-2831
Toll Free: (888) 563-9373
Fax: (218) 788-2832

General E-mail: email [at] wdse [dot] org

Management Contacts

Please use the public phone numbers and email address above to contact the following people:

Patty Mester - General Manager
Jon Panzer - Director of Engineering and Operations

Closed Captioning

To report problems with Closed Captioning, call us at 218-788-2831, fax 218-788-2832, use our contact form or email us directly with immediate concerns at email [at] wdse [dot] org.

For written closed captioning complaints:
Patty Mester
President and General Manager
632 Niagara Court
Duluth, MN 55811
phone: 218-788-2831
fax: 218-788-2832

Find more information on the FCC’s website.

Donation, Building Use and Educational Opportunities Requests

WDSE•WRPT is committed to its vision of being essential to the communities it serves and is happy to review all requests for how it can continue to support illuminating, inspiring and enriching efforts throughout the community.

Please fill out the below form. Note that WDSE•WRPT prefers requests from nonprofits and educational institutions that fit our mission and vision, and serve our service area across Northeastern Minnesota, Northwestern Wisconsin, and Western Upper Michigan.

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Rules of Engagement on WDSE•WRPT's Social Media Pages:

WDSE•WRPT’s mission is to enrich, illuminate and inspire. Comments or other actions on our social media pages that do not contribute towards WDSE•WRPT’s mission or meaningful discussion may be taken down at WDSE•WRPT’s discretion. Likewise, users whose posts are repeatedly hidden or deleted may also be blocked at WDSE•WRPT’s discretion. Content created by WDSE•WRPT and its productions is free for public consumption and is not intended for commercial use.

Website Content Policy

WDSE•WRPT provides quality, educational and reliable information across our platforms, including our website. To maintain consistency for our viewers, WDSE•WRPT does not post information, content, links or attachments from third parties outside of our national and international partners. WDSE•WRPT may occasionally post additional resources for viewers related to media content, but only when directly provided to WDSE•WRPT by an expert in the related field, upon WDSE•WRPT request.