A Night with the DSSO

Friday nights in May

Join us at the DECC Symphony Hall from your living room Friday nights on PBS North for some of our favorite concerts from the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra. Enjoy Tchaikovsky, Mendelssohn, Bernstein, Sibelius and Mahler! And on May 15, enjoy a concerto written by the DSSO’s own Gene Koshinski! Friday nights, only on PBS North.

Towards the Heavens

May 8 at 9pm

The concert opens with Tchaikovsky’s playful "Symphony No.2." The symphony is based on Ukrainian folk melodies and, since Ukraine was called “Little Russia” in Tchaikovsky’s days, it received the nicknamed "Little Russian". The second half of the program features Mendelssohn’s seldom performed masterwork: "The Hymn of Praise."

Sailing North

May 15 at 9pm

After a jazzy opener, "Three Dance Episodes" from "On The Town" by Leonard Bernstein, Sailing North features the DSSO's first performance "soniChroma", a concerto for two percussionists and orchestra, written by the DSSO’s very own principal percussionist and UMD percussion professor Gene Koshinski.  In the second half, we invited the audience into the amazing sound world of Jean Sibelius with his gripping "Symphony No.1."


May 22 at 9pm

The DSSO celebrated the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s historical achievements. Written for the 300th anniversary of the Augsburg Confession, another key document of Lutheranism, Mendelssohn’s "Symphony No.5", called the "Reformation Symphony", provided the perfect opener. We follow this with Johannes Brahms’ "German Requiem", one of the pillars of the choral repertoire and work that truly embraces the spirit of Luther’s new way. 

Mahler Resurrection Symphony

May 29 at 9pm

Mahler’s "Symphony No.2" is one of the great achievements of the human spirit! Subtitled the "Resurrection Symphony", the work explores the entirety of human life: From childhood to adult life, from suffering to joy and happiness, Mahler’s work culminates in the entrance of the chorus that proclaims eternal life through the resurrection.

Missed the Concert?

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