55th Anniversary Memory Wall

Have memories from the last 55 years of WDSE • WRPT to share? Let us know here and we'll add them to our memories on this page!

I love nature programs. I would tune in just to watch Nova and Nature. I kept me captivated for hours. Still does. PBS has made a tremendous impact on my education of the natural world.

-- Jason S, Wrenshall, MN

When I would stay with my sister in Duluth, it was fun to see my nieces Shay and Abby learn their ABC's and learn to count while watching Sesame Street!

-- Julie D, Floodwood, MN

Watching Sherlock Holmes in my youth on Sunday nights really turned me on to the mystery/crime genre, and inspired me to read and explore many different authors that have enriched my life immensely.

-- Tom S, Duluth, MN

An amazing POV documentary about Alzheimer’s called The Genius of Marian has stuck with me for a long time. The story is told so beautifully, poignantly, by the filmmaker/son about his mom struggling to keep her memory and independence as her disease progresses. That piece brought me to tears and continues to inspire how I tell stories and make work today. Thanks to WDSE for offering us powerful, intelligent, and beautiful stories.

-- Karen S, Duluth, MN

I remember in elementary school finishing my homework as fast as possible so I could watch Wishbone and see what adventures that silly little dog got up to. It made all the classic titles, like Tale of Two Cities, more approachable for me. Throughout my formal education, whenever I was assigned a book that was featured, I had an advantage, already understanding the basic plot and the meaning of the story.

-- Jenna K, Duluth, MN

I remember admiring those kids on Reading Rainbow who LOVED books. That program definitely inspired me to explore the library, because it helped me discover that reading transported me into worlds I'd never seen otherwise.

-- Dawn M, Duluth, MN

As a big fan of Denny Anderson for the last 20 years I was happy when he took the chair on Almanac North. This enabled me to get my Denny fix each week and learn a lot more about our local politics and the matters that impact our region.

-- Charlie D, Duluth, MN

Growing up on public television gave me a big head start in school. Sesame Street taught me how to read and count before I ever set foot in a classroom. Mr. Rogers taught me how to be a good friend. As I got a little older, 3 2 1 Contact and Square One peaked my interest in science and math. And I credit Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego with sparking my love of travel.

-- Nicole S, Duluth, MN

My first memory of WDSE is from about 1969. After school channel 8 ran a 15-minute Spanish language program. I can’t say a learned a great deal from the instructor, but I do remember his technique. He would say a line in English then in Spanish, followed by the words “Por favor repite”. He would then whisper the Spanish line under his breath and then congratulate you on how well you did! It was my first introduction to the Spanish language.

-- Larry E, Hermantown, MN

My after school routine was watching 3-2-1 Contact, Electric Company and the Bloodhound Gang. Big impact on my life and my creativity.

-- Jason S, Cloquet, MN

Imagine life before highway 61 existed! The documentary about the Steamer America offered an amazing opportunity to learn the history of the shore. The towns and settlements were vibrant and thriving, connected only by ships like the America. It makes me appreciate the asphalt lifeline we take for granted.

-- Karen S, Duluth, MN

When I first moved to Duluth I worked second shift and would get home in time every night for the late run of the PBS Newshour. I always enjoyed ending my day with its balanced reporting and it became something that I looked forward to every evening.

-- Jenna K, Duluth, MN

I fell in love with British humor in middle school watching THE BLACK ADDER and RED DWARF from the BBC. Those programs indirectly exposed me to a more global perspective through humor. It made me interested in how other people and cultures viewed life.

-- Dawn M, Duluth, MN