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These clips are available to you to incorporate into your classroom lessons. Based on the current state standards in Art Education, we have drawn together several examples for each area of learning. We will continue to add more video, biographies and resources to this section in the future. You are invited to use this content in class, to draw more stories and images from The PlayList website and incorporate clips in your own lesson playbook.

Be inspired by the stories, passion and powerful examples of working artists of northeastern Minnesota featured on The PlayList! Please share your lesson plans with other educators in the region.

Featured Video & Artist Biography

Duluth mixed media artist Mary Plaster creates paper mache masks with meaning. Her "Paper Gods" exhibit includes...

Arts Video Clips & Info for Teachers

  • A collection of videos showcasing local writers and literary artists. These examples are both from Duluth.

  • Musicians from northern Minnesota put on a great show this fall on The PlayList. Enjoy a taste of bluegrass, folk, ska and more.

  • This collection showcases four Duluth-area bands emerging on the scene in 2011. Chose to perform for the Homegrown Music Festival's opening night at Pizza Luce. Segments include performance and background on each group as presented on The PlayList

  • Rhythm, style & culture influence how dancers use their body. These examples contrast and compliment each other.

  • Explore the many perspectives that make a theater production soar, or sing, or rock! This collection of PlayList theater pieces touches on a few of the roles important to a successful show.

  • A collection of art exhibits featured on The PlayList offers a window into the curator's role in interpreting artwork and our world.

  • The portrait is an enduring subject in art with the ability to be rendered in a variety of media. This collection profiles artists with an angle on portrait work.

  • Art is all around us! The artists who create pieces for public display approach it with a variety of materials and different purposes. This collection shares three examples of public art from murals to advertising.

Funding for this program is provided by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. Click here for more information or visit the Minnesota Legacy website.

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