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Almanac North - Feb 15, 2013

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Video Summary

Topics: “Duluth & St. Louis County Days at the Capitol” & “Sky Fall, Reality Edition”

Description: Hundreds of northern Minnesota residents became lobbyists this week at the annual Duluth and St. Louis County Days at the Capitol in St. Paul. A message of thanks was high on the agenda this year.

And a meteorite exploded over Russia this morning, and later in the afternoon a much larger asteroid passed within 17,000-miles of the earth. We talked “close encounters” with some space rock experts.

Guests: Don Ness, Mayor of Duluth; Kevin Gray, St. Louis County Administrator; “Astro” Bob King, Duluth News Tribune; Alec Habig, UMD Physics Professor

Funding for this program is provided by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. Click here for more information or visit the Minnesota Legacy website.

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