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Mr. Rogers: It’s You I Like

“I am not a teacher, I simply help children learn.” Mister Rogers: It’s You I Like, a celebrity-filled, hour-long special that premieres on PBS stations in...

Fires of 1918

The horror and hardship of the great Minnesota fires of 1918 are hard to imagine 100-years later. Words cannot adequately describe the sheer terror and...

Naledi: One Little Elephant

Nature Special Presentation. Kiti, a gentle elephant in Botswana, was in her 661st day of pregnancy, a normal gestation period, when she finally gave birth to...

Duluth Parks: An Outdoor Tradition

WDSE-WRPT celebrates Duluth's longstanding love affair with the outdoors through an historical documentary focused on the creation of the city's iconic parks;...

Queen Rock the World

Legendary British Rock Band’s 1977 U.S. Tour. The documentary that has remained incomplete and unreleased - until now. Rock on as the British band plays their...

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