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India - Nature’s Wonderland

Join wildlife biologist Liz Bonnin, actor Freida Pinto and mountaineer Jon Gupta to explore India’s natural wonders. From tigers and gibbons to elephants and...

Almanac North Celebrates 25 Years

September 11, 1992, is a noteworthy date to folks here at WDSE•WRPT. That night, our cameras went “live” for the first broadcast of Almanac North. Fast forward...

Masterpiece: Poldark Season 2

As Season 2 begins, Ross stands accused of murder and "wrecking"- luring a cargo ship to the rocks for plunder. It's a capital offense, the judge is...

Frontline: The Choice 2016

Go behind the headlines generated by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, two of the most polarizing candidates in modern history, to investigate what has shaped...

Forces of Nature

The forces of nature have kept Earth on the move since it was formed billions of years ago. Though we can’t feel the motion, we experience the consequences –...

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