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PBS Fall Arts Festival Premiere “Unity: Latin MJ”

World-class drummer and percussionist Sheila E. hosts a concert special that showcases award-winning Latin artists and a 37-piece orchestra performing Latin-...

Speak Your Mind

Mental health issues affect everyone. Get the information you need every week as psychologist and host Dr. Carolyn Phelps interviews medical professionals...

Home Fires on Masterpiece Premiere

Witness the bitter rivalry between Samantha Bond ("Downton Abbey") and Francesca Annis ("Reckless") to control the Women's Institute in a rural English town as...

Nature: Big Birds Can’t Fly

When most people think of birds, what common attributes typically come to mind? Many will cite a bird’s ability to fly, sing and use its feathered wings to...

LIVE! UMD Hockey

Watch longtime interstate rivals the UMD Bulldogs take on the Bemidji Beavers live at Sanford Center LIVE! UMD Hockey October 10, 7:00pm on PBS North

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